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To illustrate is to visually represent an abstract, and in my opinion to say something without words is a challenge that can only be solved through lateral thinking.

So with that approach, reaching out across all aspects of life is how I become inspired to create the work I do; music, film, history, current events, and life experience can create the most wonderful ideas and strong imagery.

The way I love to tackle any illustration is to not entirely plan the end result; there needs to be a little mystery, as half the fun is how the artwork will look and feel as you work through it! A blank piece of paper can be quite daunting, but the possibilities of what will appear once you've started, is exciting.


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Pet portrait illustration

Pet portrait illustration for Geoff.S, Malvern UK

"Our gorgeous family mutt just turned 10. Now that she’s getting a little grey around the gills we really wanted an image that captures her personality. The detail is magnificent, you can even see my wife’s reflection in Molly’s eye from the pic we took in our attempts to get the right expression. Our Molly on the wall is almost as loved as our Molly in the long grass and woods."

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Dan H

Portrait Of Daughter for Dan.H, Cheltenham UK

"Holly painted us a fabulous picture of our daughter. We liked it so much that we commissioned a further image as a Mother's Day gift. We now have a baby boy and so will soon be asking Holly to produce another portrait to complete the set. Working with her is an absolute pleasure and I always gets her to sign the work as I expect one day for her pieces to be sought-after"

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