In this section you will hopefully spend a little moment in getting to know me, my work, what I do and why I love it.

I am passionate in what I do so I see my art beyond it being my living, it's an extension of my personality and my true love: creativity.

"You know a painting is going well, when you've forgotten to eat and have no clue what time it is."

Meet the Artist

On a fairly normal day you'll find me at home in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire UK working on a final artwork, or with my sketchbook; doodling, drawing, and fantasising about the next creation.

I graduated from the University of Worcester with a first class BA (Hons) in Illustration, all the while juggling married life and the wonderful surprise of my son and his early arrival during my second year. I work primarily as a freelance illustrator, working on commission based or self initiated artwork.

Through my time after graduation I've been developing and discovering my style and techniques by working with various watercolours, gouache, acrylics and coloured pencil, to translate my ideas and inspirations in to something tangible.

Other than art taking a huge part of my heart, I also enjoy watching films and binge watching TV series (I like to use my son as an excuse to watch animations too!). I'm terrible for buying shoes I don't need, and I think heaven for me is walking in to an art supply shop where everything is half price!


Awards & Recognitions


During my 3 years at The University of Worcester, we had opportunities to enter competitions for awards. It was a great way to explore and learn about the industry that I was becoming a part of, and become familiar with working on a client presented brief.

  • 2014 - Winner of the Worcestershire County Council Illustration Award
  • 2014 - Inaugural winner of The Clothiers Company of Worcester Charitable Foundation Annual Award
  • 2013 - Featured on Gola's BORN IN BRITAIN campaign read more→
  • 2012 - Winner of the University of Worcester Academic Scholarship for Illustration read more→

What I Do

My illustration work alludes to my love of portraiture, and my interest in decorative elements, in particular conveying emotion through the use of colour and pose.

The style of my art has begun to transcend between fine art and illustration, with a varying yet distinctive style. I have experimented widely with multiple mediums, but my favourites will always be watercolour, gouache, and acrylic as they are so versatile when separate and cohesively, and coloured pencil for fine details.



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