Holly Khraibani Illustrator and Artist

Meet the Artist

On a normal day you'll find me in my studio working on or planning out my next piece.

I graduated from the University of Worcester with a first class BA (Hons) in Illustration, through my time after graduating I've been developing and growing as an artist. I am passionate in what I do and see my art beyond it being my living, it's an extension of my personality and my love for turning an abstract in to something tangible.

Other than art taking a huge part of my heart, I honestly love nothing more than watching my favourite films, settling down with a new book, or browsing shops for more art supplies that I most likely don't need.


"There is incredible beauty within the small things in the world, and I love to magnify it within my art"

Awards & Recognitions


During my 3 years at The University of Worcester, we had opportunities to enter competitions for awards. It was a great way to explore and learn about the industry that I was becoming a part of, and become familiar with working on a client presented brief.

  • 2014 - Winner of the Worcestershire County Council Illustration Award
  • 2014 - Inaugural winner of The Clothiers Company of Worcester Charitable Foundation Annual Award
  • 2013 - Featured on Gola's BORN IN BRITAIN campaign read more→
  • 2012 - Winner of the University of Worcester Academic Scholarship for Illustration read more→

What I Do

My illustration work alludes to my love of portraiture, nature, and wildlife, in particular a deep fondness for moths, and will always find them a place within my work. I like to create stories through the details and subject, entwining the focal point with it's surroundings.


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