Paula Cornford-Cousins Hair



My client had recently sold their hair salon, and wanted to still work in the industry so was setting up another business as self employed. I was asked to design a set of 3 business cards with a new logo. Each card would have it’s own purpose; contact card, appointment card, and loyalty card. My client additionally wanted to include photography of her work to showcase on the cards in some way. So I worked to make the pictures as an abstract pattern in the background with simple and minimal information on the front, keeping the bulk of the information and details on the back of the card.

The logo was really fun to design. I wanted to create a shape in one continuous line, symbolising a strand of hair, along with scissors being the perfect object to represent her business it made a perfect pairing. Keeping the logo simple helps the photographs of her brilliant colour work room to 'breathe' without pulling away any attention from the logo and name.



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