Cinnabar Consulting Ltd.



My client had started an independent consulting business for drug discovery, and needed branding for the new company, comprising of logo design and colour identity. This project particularly peaked my interest as the client wanted to include the Cinnabar Moth as part of the company's identity. A great, unique idea is something that's really needed to help a company stand out amongst the hundreds of others handing out business cards at conferences!

I worked closely with the client throughout the whole design making sure every detail on the card was right. To keep a 'partnership' between the business being about drug discovery/chemistry and the moth, we included a chemical structure in the background called Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid. This alkaloid is present in the plant structures that the moth larvae will feed upon, building up the alkaloid in their system making them completely unpalatable to predators. A great little detail that I hope gets picked up upon now and again!



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