Aladdin Sane - A Birthday Tribute to David Bowie

I'd first read the news of Bowie's death via his official Instagram account, and couldn't believe it having only just spent the weekend painting his portrait as one of his many on-stage characters. He has had quite a large presence in my parent's home while I was growing up, with my mother being an enormous fan of him. His music was played regularly, and I loved listening to all the 'Bowie-related' stories my mother would tell me; one in particular was her dating someone when she was in her 20's just so she could steal a 2-piece suit that he owned, all because it was the same as one that Bowie wore!

In such a short space of time my painting went from being something nostalgic and fun, to something quite poignant. David Bowie was, and still is such a huge influence within the creative industry through his talent as a Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer/Songwriter, Actor and Producer.

Created on Bockingford 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper, with watercolours, acrylics and coloured pencils.


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